About Us  

Matech Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 1977, we have been always devoting ourselves in high precision spinvn and manufact- uring.


Since 1982, we started to cooperate with ITRI for developing CNC machine tools (CNC grinding machine) and inspection devices (dynamic balancer). In 1987, Matech and Baltron, a Swiss company, started to develop ultra- precision lathe and saled machines back to Europe successfully.


In 1987 Matech developed aerostatic spindle and developed built-in spindle which is used in 7-axis CNC lathe machine tools in 1991. Both technologies are successfully applied in our self-developing ultra-precision diamond lathe which is used by hard drive manufacturers. Due to recent highly growing business in optoelectronics industry, ultra-precision machining is advancing into another stage. As mentioned before, every advanced country has invested great resources into the industry and has received with great results.


Owing to markets needs and high-tech industry development, Matech is now on the basis of self-developing technologies to develop nano ultra-precision machining technologies and devices in order to manufacture high efficient and high precision diamond lathe, CNC ultra-precision multi-machine tools, and other associated applied and ultra-precision inspection devices for customers.


Therefore we have ability to satisfy needs of high-tech industries such as aerospace, aviation, electric computer, optical lens, and FPD, and provide nano ultra-precision machine tools.

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